Artist Statement

Painting is a very messy business....and I'm a pretty messy girl.  


I paint mostly in oils but occasionally in acrylics.  My main focus is on the men that work in the woods, (messy work).  My husband, John is a logging contractor and I grew up in the lumber business.  I love everything about the lumber and timber industry.  The country, the smells, the lifestyle, the deals, but most of all, I love the people.  I hope that my paintings convey the hearts and souls of these good men.  Most of the paintings, of the loggers, are of the men that we work with and for.

The teepee burners are based on a still standing teepee burner in Hoopa, California.  The teepee burner reminds me of a time of security and prosperity in the Pacific Northwest.  But they were messy for the air and have since been outlawed.

Like most artist, I started young.  Drew all the time.  I started painting at Humboldt State University.  I took classes from Teresa Stanley, Leslie Price and Mimi La Plant.  That's been a number of years ago, but I always go back to what they taught me.  I've also taken workshops from George Gallo, Randall Sexton, Jim McVicker and Father Bruno Segatta.